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It’s OVER!

Finally, after a long stressful week of finals it's finally over… summer here we come. I'm so tired!!!! At this point I just want to crash in my bed and never wake up from my slumber. I feel like I haven't slept in days… whenever I try to go to bed I somehow think of a thousand things that I have to get done or forgot to get done and then I can't sleep. (Unfortunately I don't think this will ever change) Alright I'm heading off to get some Zzzzz's!

Bragging Rights!

bball.jpgToday is the day that I have temporarily received bragging rights! I played in a co-ed basketball game for EBCLA. Following up on my "injured" post (see below), the reason why I got injured was due to preparation for this game. Three years ago one of my best friends brought me to play in this league, at one particular game I happen to be guarding this girl named Dina. Well, while guarding her I stole the ball and went for a fast break, while I was doing that she took my arm and flung it back while I was dribbling, and stole the ball back. When there was no whistle blown I had to get back at her so I shoved her, after that the whistle was blown. Anyway this game is known as the infamous game where people who didn't know who I was before, suddenly knew me (Kenji and Dennis). To this day I had never forgotten that game and today was the first game I was going to play against Dina. I was really bummed because of my injury and I had no time to practice, on top of that one of our top-scoring players (Eric) wasn't going to be there. Feeling low I thought to myself, "man there is no way we are going to pull this off." I dragged myself out to the game and said a silent prayer, hoping to not completely embarrass myself or my team. Anyway, after a great first half we were only up by 1. We pulled together and finished the second half up by a whopping 11!

 Lastly, I just want to give a shout out to my team! I love you guys, we did awesome tonight… thanks for coming out Katrina we couldn't have done it without that one shot! Guys- you did awesome job on rebounds, cause there was no way I was about to get up in that sweat! Those freethrows at the end were glorious! (Great hops Nate ~ don't mind the refs) and as always Elaine, you pushed us through!

On that note, I'll keep posting till the end of the season….

Breakfast (is it really worth it?)

It has just dawned me that I should start eating breakfast on a regular basis. I hardly ever eat breakfast… mostly because I'm usually running out the door already late! Since it's not really a priority I don't make time for it. Recently, I've heard many experts/family/friends tell me you're supposed to eat breakfast and my response is… ok… but there are alot of things that you are supposed to do but no one actually does them. Well I finally decided to change my mentality and try it out.

I went to the store and bought a dozen eggs and this morning I woke up and remembered to go make breakfast. I started cracking my two eggs into the pan (it takes some skill because I don't eat the yolk) and I had the heat on low. Just when I was about to flip the two eggs I realized I didn't put any oil in the pan. Great… so now I just ruinned the eggs and spent like 10 minutes cleaning the pan with half raw/cooked egg on it. So after the excruciating cleaning I decided to try it again, this time I made sure "Pam" was all over the pan. I finally got the next two eggs cooked… and ate my breakfast… After this huge fiasco I'm really reconsidering this breakfast thing, maybe it's a sign. Then again I still have 8 eggs left …


Last week I was injured from the combination of work and exercise. I hurt my lower back which was originally hurt from a car accident a year ago. I went to a chiropracter and he fixed me last wednesday, so the next day I went to the gym and after my workout I decided to practice basketball since I joined this co-ed basketball league. While practicing my shots I was asked to play a 3 on 3 game with a bunch of guys, or course I couldn't turn down a challenge and so I went for it, my team won but as a result I hurt myself again… I went back to chiropracter and he did help again but when I came out I saw someone standing so close to my car… suddenly I realized he had hit it and indeed he did… but the good news is he left his info and I was able to get everything I needed… back to the story… so today was (tuesday) was the first time I went back to the gym since thursday and I pulled a muscle, I didn't realize I was getting old!  But I figured it would pass so I went to my game tonight and hurt that muscle even more… what was even worse was that we lost by 1… I thought to myself what if I wasn't injured would I have played harder? Definitely! Would we have won? Possibly… anyway I hate being injured I hope this will heal soon…. I'm to young for my body to start breaking down!


I recently discovered that the key to friendship is communication. Unfortunately I realized this the hard way… like I do most things. If you really think about it communication is important in all different relationships: boss-employee, student-teacher, husband-wife etc. What is difficult about communication is being able to express what it is that you are feeling in words. All through school I remember my english teachers always hounding me about writing what you feel, write from the heart is what they would say. Well what if you have trouble writing about what you feel from the heart because you can't necessarily describe it.

About a week ago I had an incident with a friend where I mis-communicated my feelings. It's strange, anyone who knows me, can tell you that I have no problem talking and communicating with people. I've been pretty lucky at holding conversations with complete strangers and even people I can't relate with at all. Most of the time I can talk with anyone, about anything at any place. But, the communication I have with all these people are surface level conversations that don't really involve how I really feel deep inside. I discovered that is why it's so easy for me to talk to anyone, (by the way I can talk your ear off) as long as I don't have to share anything too personal then I can communicate and conversate with you till dawn.

So why the mis-communication with the friend? I asked myself that question many times… and then it occured to me. Due to my childhood experience, I was always told to keep quiet and only listen (imagine me~ quiet… Ha~!). I wasn't allowed to say what I thought deep inside, most of the time I just nodded my head occasionaly and pretended like I cared. Keeping all these feelings inside became usual for me, until one day I was told it's good to let your feelings out. It was hard for me to even start letting a word out, but eventually I let my feelings out one day. *That day was the biggest regret of my life* The minute I let my feelings out was the minute that everything I said began backfiring at me. It wasn't until this day that I learned people really don't want to hear what you have to say unless it's positive, anything else you might as well keep to yourself. Having learned this at an early age I kept many things inside and was always scared to let anyone know.

About a couple weeks ago, my friend advised me to let my true feelings inside out and tell people what you really feel. As soon as I heard that advice, flash backs of that *horrible day* came rushing back. I tried my hardest to not think about it and to just let everything out but I couldn't. It was too painful. Then I thought to myself what is stopping me from saying it? And here it is… TRUST. I don't trust that people will not react the way they did to me on that *horrible day*. My friend then also told me that trust is the foundation of a relationship. How do you begin to trust someone when you have been let down so many times in the past? There have been so many experiences with people that I've loved and trusted including my family, but only to find out I was getting fed to the wolves.

What it boils down to is this, I wasn't able to express to my friend what I really felt at that moment and instead gave an ambiguous response. As a result my friend became fed up and began questioning my authenticity and whether I was being true and honest. By all means I tried to be as real as I could possibly be, but in the end it came across like I was being fake.

I'm not sure why I'm still uncomfortable revealing the truth about what I honestly feel. I have definitely started to improve this area in my life but it still has a lot working out to do. Unfortunately the reality of all this is, this mis-communication that happened between my friend and I has now left a dent in our relationship.

Communication is a life-long journey, it's not something you can ever stop working at but only become better at.

Arthur Brisbane once said, "A good friend can tell you what is the matter with you in a minute. He may not seem such a good friend after telling you."

Korean BBQ

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday, I went that night with my bible study group to Korea Town (in LA) and had Korean BBQ. It was so good! Inside the restuarant every table has it's own grill and you cook the meat in front of you… this creates a lot of smoke that eventually stays on your clothes and it smells. There was all kinds of meats to choose from, short ribs, thin sliced beef, marinated short ribs, chicken, pork belly, stomach… then it get kind of gross, this place is all you can eat our table was only able to finish three plates of meat but our friends sitting at the table behind us finished 7 plates! Anyway this place is really good and you'll have to try it out, it's off Vermont on the 101 right before 3rd…


razor1.JPGThis post is an honor to my one and only favorite brother David, who recently suprised me with a new razor phone from verizon wireless! Wow, it was definitely a great surprise! The phone came in bubble gum pink (which you couldn't pay me enough to use this) or the charcoal… you could guess which one I selected… anyway I haven't learned all the features on this phone yet… but I'm sure by the time I figure it out it will be time for another one! THANKS DAVID!


I got a new bible today… I had meaning to do so for quite some time now and I’ve been putting it off because the Christian book store in Arcadia closed and I’m not used to going to the one in Pasadena… but as I was getting lunch today in Pasadena I happened to pass by the Lighthouse and decided to swing in on the way back and get my bible. I get in there and there are like a thousand bibles to choose from I mean, the archeological bible, the men’s bible, the woman’s, the teens, you name it they got it. So it took me a while looking through all these bibles to decide which one I wanted. I thought the archaeological one was so cool but it cost $79.99 and wow… I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend that much… I finally found this NKJV Study bible and I settled with that… but there were so many books I felt like I could stay in the forever but unfortunately I had to go…. but bottom line is they came out with the New King James Version which is supposed to be easier to understand so I’m so excited to read my bible now!

American Idol ~ GO Mendisa

Did anyone see the comment that I think her name is Mendisa from American Idol made to Simon? She forgave him for him making a comment about her weight (which by the way is very sensitive for girls)… she also revealed her faith on national television that she believed that Jesus has forgiven her sins and because of that she can forgive anyone! What a great reminder for us who constantly feel a little aggitated when people wrong us… but anyway props for this girl I hope she wins!

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